Pre-Transfer Advising Appointments

    If you are an admitted first-year student with AP/IB and/or concurrent enrollment credit, please contact your departmental academic advising office to discuss the transfer and applicability of your credit.

    Pre-Transfer Advising cannot determine the applicability or transferability of international credits that have not yet been evaluated. In order to receive a full transfer credit evaluation of your international coursework, you will need to send full and complete official course descriptions.

    Register: Click on a date in the calendar below to view available times.

    Who: Pre-Transfer Advising is available for the following academic colleges: 
    College of Arts & SciencesCollege of Engineering & Applied ScienceCollege of Media, Communication and Information, Leeds School of BusinessProgram in Exploratory Studies.

    Pre-Transfer advising is not available for the following academic colleges. These academic colleges have a dedicated transfer advisor for prospective and admitted students within their department. Contact the department advisor directly by clicking your college of choice below.
    College of MusicProgram in Environmental DesignSchool of Education

    Additionally, admitted transfer students planning to go through the Intra-University Transfer (IUT) process can benefit from a Pre-Transfer Advising Appointment. If you are a prospective transfer student, we encourage you to create a Transferology account to help with course planning at your current institution.

    What: A one hour, one-on-one, online Zoom or in person appointment with a CU Boulder Pre-Transfer Advisor
    Carly Pruiett
    Jessica Drelles
    Tanya Allen-Gaines

    We can help you:If you have a quick question that would not require a one-hour appointment, please feel free to use our drop-in zoom hours.

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