Pre-Transfer Advising Appointments

    If you are an admitted first-year student with AP/IB and/or concurrent enrollment credit, please contact your departmental academic advising office to discuss the transfer and applicability of your credit.

    Register: Click on a date in the calendar below to view available times.

    Who: Pre-transfer advising appointments are for prospective and recently admitted transfer students who have not yet been assigned a departmental academic advisor from any of the following: College of Arts & SciencesCollege of Engineering & Applied ScienceCollege of Media, Communication and InformationProgram in Exploratory Studies and the School of Education.

    Additionally, admitted transfer students planning to go through the Intra-University Transfer (IUT) process can benefit from a Pre-Transfer Advising Appointment. If you are a prospective transfer student, please create a Transferology account and input all college/university coursework prior to scheduling a pre-transfer advising appointment.

    If you need help identifying the contact for a major outside the above colleges, please refer here.

    What: A one hour, one-on-one, online Zoom appointment with a CU Boulder Pre-Transfer Advisor

    We can help you:
    • Identify and develop educational goals
    • Understand degree requirements
    • Connect to relevant campus resources
    • Identify appropriate courses to facilitate a future transfer
    • Choose course options for first semester enrollment at CU Boulder
    • Understand the applicability of transfer credit
    • Prepare for an advising appointment with your departmental advisor
    • Review intra-university transfer requirements (if applicable)
    • Explore majors and minors offered at University of Colorado Boulder
    • Discuss an estimated time to degree completion
    • Identify next steps
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